About Us

The Austin Chapter of the Romance Writers of America® (ARWA) is a group of dedicated writers ranging from those new to writing romance to published authors frequently found on bestseller lists. We have close to 100 members from all walks of life and stages in their writing careers.

If you are new to writing romance, come join us. We have programs to help you learn the basics and you will be able to discuss writing with others who share your interest.

If you have finished a book or two but are not yet published, come join us. We have programs to help you learn what it takes to make that big step to being published.

If you are published, come join us. You will find many of our speakers can give you the research information you need for your next book.

Austin RWA is a friendly, helpful, fun group dedicated to supporting each other in all stages of a writing career.

We hope you will find the information here helpful and if you have any questions about visiting or joining us, please contact our Membership Coordinator. Visitors are welcome to attend two meetings before you join us.

President Cecelia Melton
VP Membership Lesley Wagner
Treasurer Kathy Crouch
Webmistress Cheryl Rae