Lane Heymont

The Benefits of Agent Representation
August 15, 2017

Lane Heymont is co-founder and a senior agent at The Tobias Literary Agency. He has judged writing contests across the country and served as a faculty member at a wide range of conferences.
As Literary Assistant at the Seymour Agency, Lane led the marketing efforts for their authors and enjoyed connecting clients with readers. As a lover of literature since childhood, and at the prodding of his mentor Nicole Resciniti, he decided to pursue his passion as a literary agent. He went on to help found The Tobias Literary Agency. He strives to bring incredible and thought-provoking books to the masses, culminating in reaching the number one spot on Publishers Marketplace for agents representing horror, and the Top Ten for romance. Lane represents a broad range of commercial fiction including romance and all its sub-genres, fantasy, science fiction, horror, nonfiction, and true crime.
He is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Horror Writers Association, and the Association of Authors’ Representatives. He believes what John Gregory Dunne said: “Writing is manual labor of the mind.”
In 2016, Lane branched out from The Seymour Agency to form The Tobias Literary Agency.