Our Writers

We have so many talented authors at Austin RWA!
Our published authors are highlighted in gray.

Vicki Ruiz Allen   Romantic Suspense
Paula Adler Contemporary and Urban Fantasy
Traci Andrighetti    Cozy Mystery
Elizabeth Baron Historical
Evelyn Berry   Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance
Jeanell Bolton Contemporary
Ella Bordeaux   YA
Elaine Brady Paranormal
Esmae Browder   Contemporary
Sloane Calder   Romantic Suspense and Urban Fantasy
Chris Campillo   Contemporary
Cara Carnes   Paranormal, Contemporary, Futuristic
Anna Castle   Mystery
Catherine Conn Contemporary
S.M. Craig   Contemporary
Kathy Crouch   Romantic Suspense
Joan Dameron Romantic Suspense
Sofie Darling    Historical
Robyn DeHart    Historical
Lindsay Downs    Regency Romantic Suspense
Kelly Elliott   Contemporary and Historical
Cheryl Etchison    Contemporary
Ana Farrish Historical Romance 
Tam Francis    Historical Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Anissa Garcia      Contemporary
Jax Garren    Paranormal
Emmi Gee   Contemporary
Katie Golding    Contemporary and Sports Romance 
Katie Graykowski  Contemporary
Aubrey Grayson Inspirational Regency
Joni Hahn    Science Fiction Romantic Suspense 
Kaily Hart Contemporary, Paranormal
Beatrice Holley   Contemporary
Jan Hudson  Contemporary, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Non-fiction
Vivien Jackson    Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance
Jamie Jones   Contemporary 
Laurie Kellogg   Contemporary
Ellanor Kelsey    Contemporary
J. Kenner    Contemporary, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense
April Kihlstrom Regency, Writing References, Books for Special Needs Readers
Christina Kirby    Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, YA
Julia Lee Contemporary, Chick Lit
Liana LeFey    Georgian, Regency
Angela Lindfors Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction Romance 
Liz Locke    Contemporary and Women’s Fiction
Ann Major   Contemporary
Mari Mancusi YA, Fantasy, Contemporary
Cathy Maxwell   Historical
Emily McKay    YA, Contemporary
Mindy Miller Contemporary, Women’s Fiction with Romantic Elements
Catherine Avril Morris   Contemporary
Alyssa Morris Historical
Regina Morris    Paranormal, Contemporary and Fantasy
Jolene Navarro   Contemporary, Western
Tonya Preece   Contemporary
Jane Myers Perrine  Women’s Fiction, Mystery
Irene Preston    Paranormal, Contemporary
Cheryl Rae    Science Fiction, Paranormal, YA
Kate Ramirez Contemporary, Mystery, Paranormal
Melissa Rheinlander    
Gretchen Rix    Cozy Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Sara Russell   Contemporary 
Brooke Salesky   Contemporary 
Karen Saunders  Contemporary
Christa Sinclair Inspirational Suspense
Stacia Seaman   LGBT, Erotica
Mary Ann Sharma Contemporary
Sandra Spicher  Professional Editor, YA, Romantic Suspense
Sherry Thomas    Historical, YA, Mystery, Fantasy
Leslie Wagner Paranormal
Tracy Wolff   Contemporary
Jan Yonkin Romantic Suspense